authonomy reunion

Following our recent blog about authonomy, this page is for comments from people who used the authonomy site early in its existence (2009-2010), to post about their experiences of using the site and what steps if any they took to publish their book themselves. Please do write something about how you found using authonomy, what if anything you learned about writing from using it, and how if at all it changed your view of indie-publishing. Finally if you are indie publishing now, how is it going?

Thanks for participating!

2 thoughts on “authonomy reunion

  1. I was on Authonomy from September 2008. i’ve gone on to become “real life” friends with many of the people I met there like RichardPierec-Saunderson (who came to do a reading at my local bookstore last week), Heikki Hietala, Daisy Anne Gree, Larry Harrison, Banana the Poet and many more. I’ve also worked closely with many of them on literary projects, from the Year Zero Writers collective 22 of us who met on Authonomy started up in January 2009 to the live spoken word shows I run. Since the earliest days on there I’ve never queried an agent – I love the freedom of self-publishing and will continue to self-publish whatever I do

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