The Salt Factory by Evie Woolmore

Evie Woolmore’s atmospheric new magical realist novel The Salt Factory is now available on Kindle at Amazon UKUS and all other Amazon sites. Read Dream Relax “highly recommend The Salt Factory to historical fiction and paranormal fans”.


‘I never shoot a man unless there is no other choice.’

The motto of Thelonia Jones, deputy Marshall, makes perfect sense in the silver-mining mountains of Colorado. But back in Victorian England, hoping to settle the debts of her half-brother Cadell, Thelonia finds much that bewilders her. Why has her wealthy stepfather abandoned his mansion to die alone in a rundown cottage by the sea? Who is the strange little girl who brings seagulls and sick people back to life? And why has the owner of the Greatest Freakshow on Earth followed her halfway around the world? For all her ease around matters of life and death, even Thelonia will be surprised by just how high the stakes are about to get. They say the past always catches up with you. For Thelonia Jones, that means literally.

In a recent allonymbooks blog, Evie Woolmore talked about writing The Salt Factory.

Download a sample of The Salt Factory  at Amazon or read this exclusive extract.

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