EJ Knight – The Lucille Landau Novels

EJ Knight writes historical crime fiction. Broadway Murder of 1928 is the first in the Lucille Landau series, a quartet of novels set in New York in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Broadway Murder of 1928


Who d’you think murdered Alfred Duff, actor in the new show by them lovely risin’ Broadway stars Tommy Anzonetti and Manny Wolfe? I, Lucille Landau, might have found his body, but  that blackmailin’ bastard Duff is now the least of my worries. Just two weeks after stabbin’ a man behind a pub in the East End of London – it was self defence, honest – I’m strugglin’ to keep my new life in New York from overwhelmin’ me, let alone the past from catchin’ up with me.  Problem is, I owe too much to too many people: poor old Gregor, the ship’s doctor I married to get across the Atlantic, that nasty bit of work Lothar who got me that room at Miss Maisie’s – and dear Miss Maisie herself (who might run a whorehouse but has given me a new family an’ all) – and then there’s Manny for givin’ me a job and bringin’ me a step closer to my dreams of playing jazz piano like Lil Hardin in Chicago. But now there’s far too much at stake: if I don’t help that copper Holbein bring down Miss Maisie, he’ll put me on a boat back to London, leavin’ behind the gorgeous and adorin’ Tommy Anzonetti. Can I keep my loyalties straight and keep Tommy from findin’ out the truth about my past and my husband? And who did kill Alfred Duff?

Want to find out more? Read an exclusive extract of Lucille’s story…

Like all allonymbooks authors, EJ Knight’s novels are available for Kindle at all Amazon sites including US, UK and Canada. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. Amazon provides a Kindle app for all your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, browser.

About EJ Knight

EJ Knight writes a regular blog for allonymbooks about other crime writers and TV adaptations of their books. EJ admires the silver of Archibald Knox, the rolling landscape of the South Dakota Badlands and portraits by Chuck Close. EJ has loved shows and jazz since the songbirds first sang, and is blessed with friends who know quite a bit about both. All the wrong notes are EJ’s though.

About Lucille Landau

Lucille Landau is still thinking about how to stay out of trouble, but she has a feeling it’s not going to be that easy. Find out what happens to her next in Tin Pan Allies and Enemies, coming to Kindle in 2014.

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