Launch of allonymbooks – The right words at the right time….

And so, at long last, the first two novels from allonymbooks have become available on Amazon (UK, US and European sites)! Roll up, roll up for a wonderful read!

We are launching with two magical realist novels by Evie Woolmore  – Equilibrium and Rising Up  – and will follow up soon with the first of a young adult saga by Flora Chase, The Strattons. You can read more about Evie’s novels on the blog page for Evie Woolmore, and you can also hear audio samples from each book by the voiceover artist Kate Daubney, who has kindly recorded them so you can dip immediately into each novel.

I’m delighted with the covers by artist and designer Chris Wells, and you’ll note the very reasonable prices of all the books. My recent interactions with the traditional publishing world taught me that a well-priced book is a natural enticement in any form, making it feel like less of a luxury and more of a chocolate bar. I’ll be blogging more soon on my previous Kindle experience and I’m interested in what you think about pricing.

In the meantime, I mentioned in my last blog that a mentor is worth their weight in royalties. Mine is worth way more than that. But quantifying his experience in anything other than years is tricky because I’ve been lucky enough to have the brilliant New York crimewriter Lawrence Block as my mentor. You might be wondering how the multi-award-winning author of Scudder and the Burglar books came to have any kind of interest in very English magical realism. So if you’re curious, he was nice enough to blog about me the other day. I am the subject of paragraph number 3. It was the very email he quotes that galvanised me to let go of the way things have been in the many years I’ve been trying to get my own books published in print. And to accept that everything has changed, changed utterly….

More on that in a future blog.

So welcome to my new world of publishing, and I hope you find something here you like to read. If you do like what you read, please review the books on Amazon, on Goodreads and whichever other review sites you use, and on your own blogs and twitters. And more importantly please let me know so I can follow you and share your reviews and read your books. And please share with allonymbooks the great things that you have read or written. That’s the pleasure of it.

3 thoughts on “Launch of allonymbooks – The right words at the right time….

  1. Well, here’s a blog I’ll have to follow. Evie, in all her guises and disguises, is a brilliant and deliciously original writer, the sort for whom self-publishing might have been invented. May readers beat a path to your cyberdoor!

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